Diane Gambrel

Smarter Spaces LLC

(651) 321-4595

About Me

We help the client who has been disorganized all their life, and well as those who have had a setback such as illness, moving to a new home, or a loss in the family. They may have piles of mail, or piles of papers that need sorting. They may have clothes that need sorting and downsizing. They may be out of kitchen counter space and just need help going through all the cabinets. Our clients also include seniors, those with ADHD/ADD, those with mental health challenges, and those who consider themselves packrats or who wonder if they are hoarding. All work with you is confidential and we come to help with no judgments.

Residential Specialties

ADHD | Chronic Disorganization | Downsizing, Green/Eco-organizing | Home Offices| Paper & Files | Persons w/ Disabilities | Public Speaking/Training | Seniors | Virtual/Web-based Organizing

Business Specialties


Locations Serviced

Mpls/St. Paul | North Metro | South Metro | East Metro | West Metro

Upcoming Events

Board of Directors Meeting (virtual)
NAPO-MN Board and Members Only
Monday, June 3 (8:00am-9:30am)

Board of Directors meetings are held throughout the year, in-person and virtually.  The June meeting will be conducted virtually. We hope that any current members interested in a future leadership position within the Chapter feel encouraged to attend.