Simplified by Stokes

About Me

I’m Kristen Stokes, the founder and lead organizer at Simplified by Stokes. I believe in listening to my client’s needs and helping to create simple solutions for everyday living.

Your home is a place to feel inspired, to feel comfortable, and a place to feel joy, my goal is to provide that for you. The spaces I create will inspire you to maintain a lifestyle of simplicity. The process I’ve created involves shedding what you no longer need, sorting what you want to keep and then streamlining and simplifying your life in style.

Residential Specialties

General Residential Organizing | Downsizing | Moving/Relocation | Seniors

Business Specialties

General Business – Commercial & Home | Moving/Relocation

Locations Serviced

North Metro | South Metro | East Metro | West Metro 

Upcoming Events

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