Leah Morris

Mindfully Minimized


About Me

Minnesota Mama of three little girls with lots of heart & hustle. Working daily to be mindful & ensuring I am leveraging my gifts to make a difference.

Passion: Helping others clear their clutter to live intentionally. Decluttering is a total process and everyone is at a different stage. Building trust, meeting people were they are at, and ultimately helping them get where they want to go! We get one chance at this life – let your light shine.

Background: 16+ years of business experience working for a fortune 500 company. Managing teams, driving productivity through holistic margin management,key strategic initiatives, and focused efforts around continuous improvement. Generating millions of dollars for corporate America I wanted to bring these skills into a more personal space. Helping people clear the clutter so they can focus on what they love.

Purpose: Today with the ability to purchase ‘things’ 24/7, the expectation of instant gratification, and the super speed at which we include ‘busy’ in our lives is having an effect on each of us and in our communities. I am excited to leverage my skill to help people live their lives with more intention as they simplify their space bring wellness, harmony & sustainability.

Residential Specialties

General Residential Organizing | Children/Students | Downsizing | Estate Management | Garages/Attics/Basements/Storage Units | Home Offices | Paper | Paper & Files | Productivity & Time Management | Public Speaking/Training

Locations Serviced

Mpls/St. Paul | North Metro | South Metro | East Metro | West Metro | Wisconsin

Upcoming Events

January 14th, 2019
Ursula Mentjes: The 7 Sales Breakthroughs to Double Your Sales This Year!

It is easy for Business Owners and Sales Professionals to get stuck and feel frustrated with their sales results. They can often toil for hours wondering what they are doing wrong – all alone – when what they really need is a breakthrough!