Mindfully Minimized

Leah Morris


About Me

Minnesota Mama of three little girls with lots of heart & hustle. Working daily to be mindful & ensuring I am leveraging my gifts to make a difference.

Passion: Helping others clear their clutter to live intentionally. Decluttering is a total process and everyone is at a different stage. Building trust, meeting people were they are at, and ultimately helping them get where they want to go! We get one chance at this life – let your light shine.

Background: 16+ years of business experience working for a fortune 500 company. Managing teams, driving productivity through holistic margin management,key strategic initiatives, and focused efforts around continuous improvement. Generating millions of dollars for corporate America I wanted to bring these skills into a more personal space. Helping people clear the clutter so they can focus on what they love.

Purpose: Today with the ability to purchase ‘things’ 24/7, the expectation of instant gratification, and the super speed at which we include ‘busy’ in our lives is having an effect on each of us and in our communities. I am excited to leverage my skill to help people live their lives with more intention as they simplify their space bring wellness, harmony & sustainability.

Residential Specialties

General Residential Organizing | Children/Students | Downsizing | Estate Management | Garages/Attics/Basements/Storage Units | Home Offices | Paper | Paper & Files | Productivity & Time Management | Public Speaking/Training

Locations Serviced

Mpls/St. Paul | North Metro | South Metro | East Metro | West Metro | Wisconsin

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