Networkshop (In-person)

Join us for a presentation from Lauren Mang, owner of Get Littles Organized
Date: Monday, May 9th (7pm – 9pm)
Venue: Ridgedale Lunds and Byerly’s, 13081 Ridgedale Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305
Topic: You’re Never Too Young to Organize

This month’s topic:  You’re Never Too Young to Organize

What You Will Learn:
At what age can little ones begin to learn organizing skills? One-year old? Three? Five? Are kids ever too old to learn to get organized? Lauren Mang of Get Littles Organized will answer these questions and more, helping professional organizers and overwhelmed parents learn how to build their A-Team of organizing assistants to help corral the household chaos. Learn why it takes a village, and why it’s important to start young. Understand how a toddler’s mind works and how to harness their independence, energy, and curiosity into organizing skills that will last a lifetime. Identify strategies and tools to use with each age child that work and set the entire family up for success. Leave excited and prepared to get organized with the little ones in your life. You’ll leave AMAZED at how young Littles can get organized, how easy it is to build your A-Team, and how simple it is to get those Littles involved once you have the right tools in your toolkit!


  1. Identify the age at which children can realistically begin learning organizing skills.
  2. Gain understanding of how a toddler’s mind works. Use this knowledge to best harness their independence, energy, and curiosity into organizing skills that will last them a lifetime.
  3. Learn why it takes the entire family unit to maintain order and organization in the home.
  4. Identify the tasks that varying age groups can safely and successfully organize.
  5. Discover tips and tricks for getting the whole family motivated and wanting to organize as a part of a daily routine.


Lauren is passionate about people and was born to help others get organized! After a decade in the Fine Arts industry, living in New York, London, and Los Angeles, she relocated to San Francisco and started Let Me Organize It in June 2014.

In early 2021, she teamed up with her best friend, a busy working mom of two littles, and started Get Littles Organized. Through Instagram, they help overwhelmed parents build their A-team to tackle the chaos and clutter on a daily basis. They teach parents that littles as young as one-year old can build organizing skills and begin to help out around the house.

Lauren’s other professional interests include public speaking, local volunteer opportunities, and developing courses. Lauren earned her CVPO® in 2020 and her CPO® in 2021. When she’s not working – who are we kidding, she’s always working – she can be found distracting herself on Instagram or with her guilty pleasure, binge watching anything on Bravo!

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May 09 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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